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Alcohol & Other Drug Services Alcohol & Other Drug Services
Alcohol & Other Drug Services
Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Support Connections

Is your use of alcohol and/ or other drugs getting out of hand?

Is it not as fun as it used to be?

Then CatholicCare’s AOD Support Connections program might be for you.

AOD Support Connections is an outreach case management program that works in partnership with anyone over 16 who want to stop or reduce their use of alcohol and other drugs.

AOD Support Connections can assist you to make changes in your life, help you connect with other health and community services, develop crisis and relapse prevention plans, or explore harm reduction strategies to help you become more in control and improve your health and wellbeing.

If you would like to explore your options, visit our website www.catholiccare.cg.org.au or call us on 02 6163 7600.

Funded by Capital Health Network

The Reaching Out Program


Is your use of alcohol and / or other drugs becoming out of hand?

Are you trying to cut down or need support to remain abstinent?

Does the idea of traditional counselling not appear to you?

CatholicCare’s Reaching Out program provides drug and alcohol counselling with a difference. We offer counselling via outreach, which means we can come meet you in a place that is convenient and where you feel most safe and comfortable.

Whatever your goal or motivation, we offer support to people at any stages of their journey.

We also offer support for the family and friends of people impacted by alcohol and other drugs.

If you would like to explore your options, visit our website www.catholiccare.cg.org.au, email at reachingout@catholiccare.cg.org.au or call us on 02 6163 7695 to arrange a time to chat with one of our counsellors.


Funded by the Capital Health Network

The Sobering Up Shelter

Have you, your friend or family member had too much to drink? Or perhaps taken another substance and need somewhere safe to sleep it off?


The Sobering Up Shelter (SUS) is a voluntary, confidential service that provides overnight support, care and monitoring for people over the age of 18 recovering from alcohol and/ or other drug intoxication.


The service is staffed by Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Workers and is open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night from 11pm to 11am, with last admission at 6.00am As well as monitoring overnight, we provide individualised education, information and support for alcohol and other drug related issues such as:

  • The effects of alcohol and other drugs on physical and mental health
  • The impact of alcohol and other drugs on relationships, work or study
  • Strategies to quit or reduce drinking or drug use
  • Harm minimisation


We can also assist with referrals to other services including:

  • Detox & withdrawal programs
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs
  • Drug and alcohol support services and counselling
  • Mental health services
  • Supported accommodation


Referrals to the Sobering Up Shelter can be made by individuals, friends, family members, ACT Policing, and the ACT Ambulance by contacting the service directly on 6163 3711 or 0406 377 623. For enquiries contact 6163 7600 during business hours.


Funded by the ACT Government Department of Health